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27 october '09

International project "CULTRURAL" - building the sustainability of rural communities

PURPOSE: To create a ‘Cultural Area Common to European Rural Communities’; to explore the links between rural heritages, past and present; to introduce important solutions in the sustainable development of rural communities. 
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Swedish Local Heritage Federation
PROJECT PARTNERS: Museum experts, ascociations, cultural institutions, universities, and non-profit organizations from the public and local sectors in Sweeden, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria and France.
TIME: October2006 – October2009
THE PROJECT IS CO-FUNDED by the European Commission in the framework of the program “Culture 2000”
RESULTS – 9 thematic expositions of the rural heritage of the countries-participants around three different themes: 
1. Rural cultural landscapes – the interaction between the rural communities and the natural enviroment.
2. Inspiration, innovation and technology – the rural perspective and the global pressures.
3. Rural heritage and collective identity – building the sustainability of rural communities.