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11 december '12

International project "EuroVision. Museums exhibiting Europe"

The ambitious aim of the EMEE-project  is to make museums more accessible in many ways: with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach developed by history didactics the project wants to re-interpret museum objects and put them into a broader context of national and transnational history. Visitors shall face objects not only on a regionally and nationally determined level of meaning, but discover transnational and European perspectives using new means of presentation, performances and possibilities for participation. At the same time the project develops creative concepts for audience development. Particularly by involving and activating the visitor, the project tries to attract the rather large number of “non-visitors” to the museums. With around 2 million euros the Culture Programme of the European Union supports a museum project to be implemented between November 2012 and October 2016, coordinated by the University of Augsburg, department of history didactics, headed by Prof. Dr. Susanne Popp. Project partners are the Université Paris-Est Créteil (France), Università degli Studi Roma Tre (Italy), the Bulgarian National History Museum in Sofia, the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia in Lisbon (Portugal), the National Museum of Contemporary History in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the art association monochrom in Vienna (Austria) as well as the Atelier Brückner in Stuttgart (Germany).

Partners of the National Museum of history are:

  • Regional Archeological Museum Plovdiv;
  • Regional Historical Museum Stara Zagora;
  • National Polythechnic Museum;
  • Regional Historical Museum Pazardzhik;
  • Regional inspectorate of education - Sofia-city;
  • Regional Historical Museum Gabrovo;
  • Archeological Museum Veliki Preslav;
  • Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"
  • Regional Archeological Museum Targovishte;
  • Association of social studies;
  • Association "Azbukari";
  • Association "B.I.T.I.E."
  • Association "A.R.I.Z.-7"
  • Regional Historical Museum Ruse;
  • Alter Consult Ltd.;
  • National Museum of Military History;
  • Sofia Municipality "Mladost region";
  • School for visually impaired children "Louis Braille";
  • Regional Historical Museum "Stoyu Shishkov" Smolyan;
  • Association "Evterpani"
  • Art Gallery "Hristo Tsokev" Gabrovo;
  • School for children with hearing impairment "Prof. Decho Denev"
  • National museum of Natural history - BAN;
  • Regional Museum of History Kyustendil;
  • Bio games company;
  • New Bulgarian university;
  • Earth and man national museum;
  • Youth historical society;
  • "Unlimided Kids care" company;
  • Association "Tandra";
  • Association theather "Tsvete";
  • History museum of Panagyurishte;
  • Regional Historical Museum Popovo;
  • National association of resourse teachers;
  • History museum Batak;
  • Ethnographic Museum IEFEM-BAN;
  • Regional History Museum Sliven;
  • Cultural Center "Morsko Casino" Burgas;
  • Regional History Museum Shumen;
  • Regional History Museum Vratsa
  • Foundation "199";
  • Architectural-ethnographic complex "Etara";
  • Historical Museum Asenovgrad;
  • Digital Space Living Lab company;
  • Archaeological Museum Hisarya;
  • Historical Museum Karlovo;
  • History Museum Pomorie;
  • Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum Elhovo;
  • Historical Museum Bratsigovo;
  • Historical Museum Sevlievo;
  • Historical Museum Velingrad;
  • National palace of culture;
  • National Park-Museum "Shipka-Buzludzha";
  • National palace of kids;
  • Fondation "Lale";
  • Historical Museum Gotse Delchev;
  • American Research Center in Sofia;
  • Sport Club for Integration (S.C.I.) "Vitosha";
  • Center for independent living;
  • Union of the Deaf in Bulgaria;
  • Fondation "Iskam bebe"

For more information:
Тел.: 02 955 42 80