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03 september '15

Monetary treasure discovered in Farmakida

Farmakida (Healer's town translated from Greek) is the ancient name of the town of Primorsko. Fortified with collar wall ancient settlement was discovered by the expedition of NMH, led by Deputy Director Assoc. Prof. Ivan Hristov in early summer. Immediately there were organized archaeological excavations financed by the municipality of Primorsko and NMH.
Two days ago, while excavating the central tower of the fortress archaeologists began to dig out coins from the end of II century BC. - The beginning of the first century BC. These are bronze and silver coins of Apollonia Pontica and coins of Alexander the Great minted after his death, due to high demand. For now they found 20 coins, but obviously their number will be much higher once the tower is fully excavated in the coming days. This is obviously the "treasury" of the governor of the fortress, which in its conquest remained in the area of the tower affected by the fire, to the delight of archaeologists.
This treasure marks the end of the life of the castle, unlike other similar fortresses here it is not restored in subsequent historical eras.