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30 september '15

Day of the music in the Museum

On 3 October, starting at 11.30 a.m., the National Museum of History will again host a large concert organized by Evterpani Association and dedicated to the International Music Day (1 October). This year is the 35th year since this date became the official celebration day of the Bulgarian musicians and singers. This special music event is organised as part of the EuroVision Labs in Bulgaria. Its main goal is to attract a large number of visitors of a diverse background to see the museum exhibition. The idea for this event came from the Evterpani Association, one of our associated partners under the international project EuroVision. Museums Exhibiting Europe.
During the concert there will be focus on the safety on the road as well as tolerance all around us. The young pop singer Vesela Dzhambazova from Troyan is one of the people, who initiated the Save the Children on the Road campaign in remembrance of all children killed or injured in road accidents.
The number of singers and dancers, who will perform at the concert, exceeds 80. Some of them are winners of numerous awards at large international contest, festivals, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and other highly respected music forums.  The youngest performer will be 4, the oldest will be 43.
The concert audience will be able to not only enjoy the rich concert program; they will also have the opportunity to see the museum exhibition, participate in the Follow This Road game (in which, in a very entertaining way, they will “discover" objects featuring European dimensions, "see” Europe in them and share their view on Bulgaria’s contribution to the European culture), and will be directly involved in the selection of music interpretations for the forthcoming Fragile Tolerance exhibition.