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The Stancioff’s family collection

The Stancioff’s family collection exhibition is situated on the third floor of the National Museum of History. It shows the most impressive materials of the significant donation, given to the National Museum of History in 2007 by Ivan Stancioff, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the United Kingdom (1991 – 1994) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1994 – 1995). The exhibition introduces the visitors to the life and activity of several generations of the Stancioffs – diplomats and socially active persons – who were working more than a century for the prosperity of Bulgaria.   
A scion of the Stancioglu clan with roots deep in the Mediaeval Bulgarian territories in ancient Berat, in nowadays Albania (the evidence to that had been dated to the 14th century), the patriot and diplomat Dimitri Stancioff is among the highly educated and eminent young Bulgarians working for the building of Bulgaria after the Liberation. 
A characteristic feature of the Stancioffs Collection is the wealth and variety of the monuments of national importance shown in it. The exhibition displays: photos, honorary diplomas, personal belongings, cloths, insignia of honour, books connected to the representatives of the Stancioffs as well as the icon Three – handed Holy Mother from the 16th century; women’s outer garments from the middle of the 19th century; court and diplomatic uniform of Dimitri Stancioff; a ring with the Bulgarian Coat – of – Arms; the highest grade distinctions of Dimitri Stancioff: Gold chain of the Household of Duke Ernst of Saxe – Coburg Gotha Order; Order of the Griffin, Duchy of Macklenburg – Schwerin; Italian Crown Order; Takovo Order, Kingdom of Serbia, and others; wedding gifts from Knias (Prince) Ferdinand I to Anna and Dimitri Stancioff – a brooch made of gold, silver and diamonds, a gold watch and a tea set; documents and orders of the son of Dimitri Stancioff – the diplomat Ivan D. Stancioff; photos and clothes of Nadejda Stancioff; objects from Les Trois Sources Villa, Legion d’Honneur Order and Rio Branca Order of Ivan I. Stancioff, and others.
The Stancioffs Collection is among the richest family collections with significant monuments for our national history preserved from the time of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom. The National Museum of History shows the collection in one of its Rooms.