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Ancient finds. New discoveries. Archaeological season 2020

Despite the difficulties due to the world epidemic situation, during field season 2020 the specialists of the Department of Archaeology at the National Museum of History conducted twenty-two archaeological expeditions. Most field studies are funded through the Ministry of Culture, the National Museum of History, the local Municipalities and other sponsors. The geographical scope of the archaeological research includes the area between the Danubian Plain and the Rhodope Mountains along the Black Sea coast, including the Upper Thracian Plain and Vitosha and Plana Mountains. Many different types of archaeological sites have been explored such as: Tell settlements, Tumulus, Antique and Medieval fortresses and habitations. 
Thanks to the National Museum of History team leaders: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boni Petrunova, Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mariela Inkova, Dr. Margarita Popova, PhD candidate Violina Kiryakova, Martin Hristov, Pavlina Devlova, Iliya Kirov and PhD candidate Elena Endarova, the archeological season has been very successful and rich of new fascinating discoveries. A large number of archeological findings were unearth, covering the periods between the late Prehistory to the Bulgarian Midlevel times.

For third year the National Museum of History is pleased to present to the public the new archaeological discoveries of the Department of Archaeology. The results of the archaeological season 2021 will be published in the Annual Proceedings of the National Museum of History.