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18 may '18

Nominated sites foр the World Cultural Heritage list

The adding of a cultural monument or a natural site in the World Heritage List goes through several phases. Each country that has signed the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage creates a list of nominated sites. The World Heritage Committee considers the nominations, for unlimited period, at meetings once per year. At present, the Bulgarian State has included 16 sites on its list of nominations. Ten of them are monuments of culture:
1. Bishop's Basilica and Late-Antique Mosaics of Philippopolis, Roman Province of Thrace (nominated on 29.01.2018);
2. Frontiers of the Roman Empire ‒ the Danube Limes in Bulgaria (01.04.2016);
3. The Ancient Plovdiv (14.09.2004);
4. The Ancient Town of Nicopolis ad Istrum (01.10.1984);
5. The Bachkovo Monastery (01.10.1984);
6. The Late Antiquity Tomb with Fresco Decoration in Silistra (01.10.1984);
7. The Magoura Cave with Drawings from the Bronze Age (01.10.1984);
8. The Royal Necropolis of the Thracian city of Seuthopolis (the so called “Valley of the Thracian Rulers”) – a serial site, extension of the Kazanlak Thracian Tomb site (26.02.2016);
9. The Historical Town of Melnik and the Rozhen Monastery (01.10.1984);
10. The Thracian Tomb with Wall Paintings near the village of Aleksandrovo (14.09.2004);
11. Two Neolithic Dwellings in the city of Stara Zagora with Their Interior and Household Furnishings and Utensils Completely Preserved (01.10.1984).