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17 may '20

The road of Botev's cheta: Butan

At dusk of May 17th, 1876
The revolutionaries gathered for a short check on the outskirts of Kozloduy and with flying flag set out for the village of Butan. They put up at the Popov’s small inn in the evening. Weapons frightened most of the villagers and they took to flight, but some villagers, understanding that the revolutionaries were not bandits, gave them water and food. According to Zahari Stoyanov, some women even kissed the flag. Marko Boshnakov from Vratsa, Vasil Valkov and Ivan Tonev from Teteven here joined the cheta. Five villagers started with the convoy as well. Nikola Voynovski and a group of revolutionaries, using the transport carts, built a pontoon bridge in order to cross the River Ogosta. The cheta went over it.