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17 may '20

The road of Botev's cheta: Kozloduy coast

May 17th, 1876
The revolutionaries set off for Kozloduy after kissing the ground, the flag and the cross (made of crossed swords) with the words ‘I vow that I will die for my motherland Bulgaria’. They were divided into two groups: one group, led by Botev, entered directly the village, and the other one, led by Nikola Voynovski, took a detour. The teacher Mladen Pavlov joined them in Kozloduy. They were equipped, in the revolutionary Nikola Kyuchukov’s words, with ‘14 carts and 12 horses’. The two groups gathered together at the Mateev geran (Mateev’s well) area at about 3 o’clock p.m. where they quenched their thirst and set out southward towards the village of Butan.