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18 may '20

The road of Botev's cheta: Milin Kamak peak

May 18th, 1876
Even before reaching Milin Kamak, the cheta was attacked by Circassians around the village of Banitsa. The voivode Botev and the strategist Voynovski managed to transfer the revolutionaries, putting up a strong and successful resistance, and to fortify in three rows of shallow trenches on the peak. Dimitar Ikonomov told that the hardest battle with the age-long tyrant had happened here. Circassians, bashi-bazouks and the regular Ottoman army from Vratsa attacked fiercely all day long. The revolutionaries fought bravely in spite of tiredness and thirst. They won the battle but 30 of them were killed or wounded and the standard-bearer Nikola Simov was among them. Botev was overwhelmed by the victims and the lack of support from the Bulgarian side, but it was decided to continue to the Balkan Mountains. The exhausted revolutionaries broke the blockade hoop under the cover of the moonless night and headed towards the mountain ridge Vеslets.