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18 may '18

Ancient city of Nessebar

The modern city of Nessebar is located on the Black Sea coast, in the north part of the Gulf of Burgas. The Historical-Architectural Reserve, known as The Old Town, is situated on a peninsula connected to the mainland only via a narrow strip of land.

The city has rich history which began in the 6th century BC. During the centuries the city has been known as Messambria ‒ Mesemvria – Nessebar. Many archaeological and architectural monuments have been researched and preserved on the territory of the peninsula, evidences for the ancient past of the city. Among them, the most famous are the dozens of churches built during the Late Antique period and the Middle Ages. Nowadays, part of the architectural heritage of Nessebar is under the waters of the Black Sea.

The main challenges for the preservation of the authentic appearance of the Old Town are related to the modern construction works in the region and the rapidly developing tourist industry along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Since 1983 the Ancient City of Nessebar has been included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.