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Flags Collection

The Flags Collection was created in 1975 and consists of 74 inventory numbers with 84 fund units.
It preserves military colours and insurgent flags, flags of political parties and organizations, trade associations, of a branch of industry, schools, charity brotherhoods and educational societies, public and cultural institutions.
The oldest exhibits of the collection date back from the second half of the 19th century – these are Russian military colours decorated with the monogram of Emperor Alexander II, the Coat – of Arm of the Russian Empire and the Image of Jesus Christ the Holy Face. They are exquisite models of embroidery art.
Important exhibits in the collection are: Flag of the Kratovo detachment from 1903 Ilinden – Preobrazhenie Uprising, flag of Kiril i Metodiy (Cyril and Methodius) Bulgarian Scientific and Charity Society which was founded on the 15th of August, 1892 in Bucharest, flag of the Society of refugees from the enslaved Tran area, flag of the Macedonian – Edirne Volunteers Society in Pleven, 1912 – 1913, flag of the Society of the Cavaliers of the Order for Bravery (Military Cross), the village of Slavyanovo, Nikopol Region, 1934; Flag of Paisiy Hilendarski Bulgarian School in the town of Prilep – a gift from the Secondary School 2 for the Girls in Sofia, 1942, and others.