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Photos from the Revival Period Collection

Photos are a source of valuable information about our historical past. Our history is documented through them. The museum practice shows that photos are used in research and publishing work, creating exhibitions and museum expositions, filming, showing jubilees of important historical events.
Photos are also a source of information about the development of the Bulgarian photography.
The Photos from the Revival Period Collection of the National Museum of History consists of over 300 inventory numbers. It preserves original or photo – reproduced portraits and photographs of documentary character.
The collection includes:
1. Portraits of persons:
A. Bulgarian figures who lived and worked during the Revival Period – eminent educationalists, ideologists of the National Revolutionary Organization, participants in the Bulgarian legions, apostles and figures of the April Uprising, exiled Bulgarians, volunteers from the Liberation War.
B. Foreigners linked with the Bulgarian history up to the Liberation who took up various missions as well as those who reflected truthfully the horrors of suppression of the April Uprising, portraits of commanders of the Russian army during the War (1877 – 1878).
2. Portraits of groups of rebels, participants in the struggle for national liberation, volunteers and photos of events – the Chernovodska Band, participants in the struggle for national liberation on the Kozloduy riverside.
3. Photos of historical sites, monuments and celebrations, connected to the struggles for national liberation of the Bulgarian people, the saving of the Samara flag, the Skobelev’s Park in Pleven, the Monument of Vasil Levski in Karlovo.