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Photos from the Period 1878 – 1944 Collection

The collection includes 3850 inventory units. The photos reflect events and personalities from the period 1878 – 1944 and are highly varied.
The photos connected with famous political, public and cultural figures are a significant part of the collection. The images of the rulers of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom – Kniaz (Prince) Alexander I, Kniaz (Prince) / Tsar (King) Ferdinand I and Tsar (King) Boris III as well as the members of their families have been preserved. Photos of politicians such as Stefan Stambolov, Dragan Tsankov, Alexandar Malinov, Konstantin Muraviev, Atanas Burov, Alexandar Girginov, Stoyan Kosturkov, Bogdan Filov, and others, cultural personalities such as the artist Ivan Nenov and his wife Ekaterina Nenova, the actresses Adriana Budevska and Elisaveta Yovovich, the poetess Elisaveta Bagryans, the producer Vasil Gendov, Stefan Makedonski, and othrs, scientists such as Professor Vasil Zlatarski, Academician Gavril Katsarov, Professor Marin Drinov, Professor Hristo Vakarelski, military figures such as Generals Radko Dimitriev, Nikifor Nikiforov, Stefan Paprikov, Ivan Fichev, Stefan Tasev, Kliment Boyadzhiev, and others, diplomats such as Dimitri and Ivan Stanchioff, Pancho Hadzhimishev and Nikola Rizov show up. Great interest is aroused by a series of photos of meetings of followers of the White Fraternity as well as of the Teacher Petar Danov.
The collection includes numerous photos of the Wars 1912 – 1918 showing moments of military operations of various military forces of the Bulgarian army, as well as photos illustrating moments of rest for the soldiers.
Postcards with views of Bulgarian towns and villages and foreign ones, as well as of natural landmarks form an interesting and significant part of the collection. Congratulation cards as well as Christmas greetings, New Year and Easter greetings have their definite place in the collection.