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The Embroideries Collection

The Embroideries Collection comprises approximately nine hundred items, mainly embroidered pieces of different elements of female and male apparel.
Embroidered decoration was typical of the traditional Bulgarian dress until the late 19th - the early 20th century. The embroidered ornaments are usually on the sleeves, front of the chemise and on the skirts.
The majority of embroideries in the museum collection are on the sleeves of chemises from the central part of Western Bulgaria – the areas of Samokov, Dupnitsa, Tran, Pernik, Sofia; from Macedonia, the central part of Northern Bulgaria and other parts of the country.
There is also an interesting group of the so – called sokai embroideries or embroidered trimmings of kerchiefs that were part of the headdress of married women from the 17th to the 19th century in the areas of Gabrovo, Dryanovo, Kilifarevo and elsewhere.
The collection includes items of lace, known as kene, zaraflak, pupki, etc, which was sewn with a sewing needle.
The last receipts in the Embroideries Collection are from the fund of the Rila Monastery National Museum.
The collection exhibits are displayed in the Sun made of embroidery temporary exhibition. It is situated in the area of the eastern stairs of the National Museum of History.