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Decorations and Other Insignia of Honour and Prizes Collection

The National Museum of History’s Collection of Decorations and Other Insignia of Honour and Prizes consists of five thousand items including decorations from the fund of the former Museum of Political Parties and Movements. The collection is valuable, attractive and representative and contains Bulgarian orders, medals and signs of honour instituted by Kniaz (Prince) Alexander I, Kniaz (Prince) Ferdinand I [Tsar (King) of the Bulgarians from 1908] and Tsar (Prince) Boris III, orders, medals and decoration instituted after 1944, as well as foreign orders and medals.
The museum owns decorations struck on occasions of jubilee anniversaries and important historical, scientific, sports and cultural events.
The matrixes of Bulgarian Princes’ and Kings’ orders, medals and signs of honour entered the museum collection in 2010. They are of great historical value.
A rich collection of the highest grade Bulgarian and foreign orders (29 items) was donated to the museum by the Presidential Office of the Republic of Bulgaria in 1997.
The museum owns the personal collection of high – grade Bulgarian and foreign orders of the great Bulgarian patriot and diplomat Dimitri Stancioff, donated in 2007.
The museum also owns a full set of orders, medals and decorations instituted in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, as well as prizes and signs of honour of various towns in the country.
Special attention is paid to the honorary diplomas and prizes that belong to various cultural figures, athletes and academicians such as Hristina Morfova, Elisaveta Bagryana, Hristo Vakarelski, Georgi Partsalev, Gena Dimitrova, Stefka Kostadinova and others.
The museum preserves decorations, other insignia of honour and prizes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence and of the Ministry of Interior, which were struck in the Republic of Bulgaria and are in use at present.
The collection is being completed since 1975.