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Documents from the Revival Period Collection

This collection contains over 290 monuments of cultural heritage connected to the Bulgarian Revival Period till 1878. They have different subject – matter and dates of publication and reflect the stages of struggle of Bulgarian people for independence – the educational movement, the struggle for independent church and movement for national liberation.
The collection includes:
- Official Ottoman documents [Sultan’s firmans (Royal decrees), documents, deeds, legal correspondence, passports, records and Ottoman shares)
- Personal documents of eminent figures of the Bulgarian Revival (letters, telegrams, visiting cards, certificates of baptism, certificates of marriage, wills trade registers, notebooks, receipts and vouchers).
- Official Bulgarian documents (textbooks, School regulations, school notebooks, certificates, reports and accounts; an oath, proclamations and minutes of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee; a list of the victims of 1876, a Manifesto, certificates of volunteers and documents for the War of Liberation).
Some of the most interesting and important documents from the collection of the National Museum of History are connected with the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski and his adherents – Georgi S. Rakovski’s Plan for the Liberation of Bulgaria, Nareda (Rules) to Workers for the Liberation of the Bulgarian People, elaborated by Vasil Levski, a Written Oath of Vasil Levski and his letters to Panayot Hitov and Filip Totyu, the Personal Diary of Vasil Levski, a sheet from the Personal Diary of Hristo Botev and his letters from the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee in Bucharest.