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Documents and Information Materials after the 9th of September, 1944 Collection

The Documents and Information Materials after the 9th of September, 1944 Collection was created in 1975. It contains 2271 inventory numbers with 5943 fund units.
The documents could be classified in several sections according to the provided information: documents about the economic development of the country, political history, culture, science and education as well as documents about particular personalities – politicians and socially active persons, scientists, cultural and sporting figures.
The documents referring to the economic development of the country include: reports of production teams, labour records and curriculum vitae, production and personal plans, agreements on socialist competitions, appeals and promises, honorary diplomas and others of labour brigades and collective bodies of various construction sites of national and regional importance – the  Kozloduy nuclear power station (1973 – 1974), Marbas mines (1976), Devnya  national youth site – chemical works (1972), Dimitrovgrad nitrogen fertilizers works, chemical works of Dimitrovgrad (1972 – 1976), Maritsa – Iztok mines (1970 – 1975), Varna – Ilichovsk  ferry complex (1978), Anton Ivanov machine – building plant in Plovdiv (1975), Lenin steel works in Pernik (1953). The collection preserves new bulletins, folders and historical information about the Plovdiv Fair (1975 – 1980).
The documents referring to political history are connected to the following subjects:
- Bulgaria’s participation in the last stage of the Second World War (1944 – 1945)
- Ordinances of General Vladimir Stoychev – Commander – in Chief of the First Bulgarian Army, posters, appeals to soldiers on the celebration of the 1st of May, letters and telegrams.
- Referendum on People’s Republic (September, 1946) – bulletins
- Youth – brigade movement (1946 – 1948) – certificates, membership cards, rolls of national youth – brigades, honorary diplomas and others.
- Congresses and annual conferences of the Bulgarian Communist Party, the Bulgarian Agricultural People’s Union, the Fatherland Front and of the Bulgarian Trade Unions for the period 1950 – 1989. 
- National celebration of the 1300th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian State (1981)
- Banner of Peace  International Children’s Assembly (1979, 1981)
- International Parliament of Peace (1980)
- Parliamentary, presidential and local elections (1990 – 2001) – election bulletins, agitation news – sheets, appeals, programmes, advertising materials and others of political parties, movements and coalitions.
The collection preserves documents of the politicians Georgi Andreychin, Professor Mihail Genovski, Professor Stancho Cholakov and Solomon Passy, the artists Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master, Ivan and Ekaterina Nenovi, the “Father” of the Bulgarian film Vasil Gendov and his wife Zhana Gendova, the actor Konstantin Kisimov, the opera singers Elisaveta Yolovich and Gena Dimitrova, the poetess Elisaveta Bagryana, the folk singer Valkana Stoyanova and others.