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Summer working hours (April - October): 9:30 - 18:00h EEST

Panagyurishte Gold Treasure

Gold Appliques, Bracelet and Beads from the Village of Dabene – the 5th Millennium B.C.

Gold Wreath – Thracian Chieftain

Double-Sided Icon of Christ Pantocrator, the 11th – 14th Century

Archbishop’s Mitre from the Church of Sveti Kliment (Saint Clement) in Ohrid, the End of the 17th Century, Gold, Silver, Precious Stones, Enamel

Slav-Bulgarian History [Paisiy’s Belova (The Final Version of the Paisiy’s Original)], 1789

Lazarka’s Costume

Manifesto Proclaiming the Independence of Bulgaria, 1908


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'Welcome to NHM every day from 9am - 5pm to see on of the unique treasures of Bulgaria.' - тук времето трябва да е до 5:30ч. (това е само зимното)

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Welcome to NHM every day fron 9am - 5pm to see the unique treasures of Bulgaria

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